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You might find Ramblin’ Ash Constance pickin’ old country songs for grey nomads at a free camp in rural Victoria, or playing at a crowded blues bar in Brisbane city - wherever and whenever she turns up, there is always a story to be told and a tune to be sung. 

With a voice like birdsong and the rollicking, rough and tumble of a true traveller she will break your heart, then charm your socks off and leave you longing for a life on the road. 

Her debut self titled EP is steeped in old-time charm and features five tracks that float between folk, country and the low down lonesome blues.


ramblin’ ash has teamed up with australian musician dan kerin to release a limited edition cd featuring the songs of slim dusty to coincide with their upcoming tour and residency at barkly homestead in the northern territory.

dan kerin is a talented multi-intrumentalist who grew up surrounded by the life and music of slim dusty as his father, mike kerin (‘the fettler’) was a key member of slim dusty’s travelling country band. .

inspired by the sounds of traditional australian country, the musical duo have recorded 5 tracks that span the various eras of slim dusty’s career - including; gumtrees by the roadway, the ballad of camooweal and pooncarie.

this release will be available exclusively during their residency at barkly homestead from 19 arpil - 24 may 2019.

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